A renovation is a model that was produced in the past and needs to be made again.

Renovations are not revisions

Both terms might seem to be the same thing, but:

  • A revision is a newer version of an image, that had to be updated because some mistakes were found during the client review. Revisions are normally added before the model is finally approved.
  • A renovation is the remake of a model that has been previously approved but needs to be made again probably because the actual physical space has changed for whatever reason. Clients have to enhance their order and pay more to request a renovation on one of their models.


When a renovation is required on any model, we need to update the order specifications to reflect this. We have to create a renovation, this is just like any other model, but is linked to the model that went under renovation.

The original model has to be approved before its renovation can be created.

The new 3D renders for the renovated space will be assigned to this renovation model rather than the original one. The original won’t be modified at all during the process and can be kept within the order, just for the record.

On the general floor plans screen, the former model is replaced by the renovation one: