Client review

Client needs to review what has been done and send us some feedback.


Once the images are uploaded they’ll show up in the dashboard, this’ll allow one of the managers to have a look at the image. If it’s ok then a notification should be sent to the client so they can review it too. This isn’t an automatic step, somebody needs to manually send the notification.

We now have to wait for the client to send us feedback. The client could either approve the model or create a revision request.


Get the client to send us their feedback. If any updates are requested, the model will become in_revision.

But if the client is happy with the result, they will approve the model. In this case we can move on to the next step:

  • If this is a partial approval, we’ll jump back to in_production and continue with the remaining views.
  • If this is a final approval, the model will become completed and the process will be over.