When setting up the specifications of a model, it’s recommended to do it according to our naming standards.

The system provides auto-completion to encourage using the preferred view names.

Setup styles

Aka layouts. We should use one of the preferred setup names:

  • Empty
  • Banquet
  • Boardroom
  • Cabaret
  • Classroom
  • Hollow Square
  • Reception
  • Theater
  • U-Shape

Keep in mind that these names are internal, we don’t need to worry about our client’s location to use Crescent Rounds instead of Cabaret, the system will automatically adjust the name displayed in the public side according to the location of the hotel. This works the same way as objects.

If a clarification is needed, we shouldn’t add it in the name field, but use the Details box instead. The example below illustrates this.

The system encourages the use of the preferred names but it doesn’t force it. So we can exceptionally create layouts with a different name.

One view per expected image

Another thing to keep in mind when creating the model’s specifications is to create as many views as images we’re expecting.

Otherwise the system won’t be able to correctly infer whether something is completed or not. So we should no longer have one category with more than one image. This was a common problem with Visuals.

Automatic image categorization

If the rules above are followed, the system should be able to automatically categorize any image named according to our file naming convention.