Invoice Reminder

When a payment is due, the system will schedule a reminder at a random time during office hours.

The system will send reminders every now and then when an invoice is due, if all the following conditions are met for the order:

  • Payment notifications are enabled, you can toggle this setting manually.
  • A payment is due, either deposit or full balance.
  • A payment reminder hasn’t been sent in the past 7 days.
  • The due amount is big enough, i.e. more than $100.
  • When the deposit is due, there’s an exception so the platform won’t chase payments if the deposit has been partially paid.
  • The order hasn’t been suspended.

When a payment is due longer than 7 days, it becomes overdue. Notifications of overdue payments won’t be sent directly to the client. Instead, they’ll be sent to the accountant. This is to prevent sending the same email over and over.