Bounced emails

Before an email is accepted into the system, the from field of the email is checked to verify that the author is allowed to post a message. When one email can’t be processed into the system for that reason or any other, it’ll be bounced and the email will be forwarded to the 3D platform owners.

Other common reasons to bounce an email are:

  • The destination address lacks an order id. For example, doesn’t belong to any order in particular.
  • The destination address has an invalid order id.

When an email is bounced, its content will be forwarded to the system owners and an explanation will be included so they can take the most appropriate action.

Ignored emails

Some emails are just ignored and not forwarded when they’re bounced. Examples:

  • When the sender is a SMTP server with some delivery status notification.
  • When the email is an automatic reply from the client, i.e. “Automatic reply: I’m out of the office between …“.