You’re able to manually suspend an order in any of these cases:

  • Deposit or balance is due.
  • No invoicing or invoicing is archived has been set up.

Orders are never suspended automatically by the system. However, you can schedule a suspension 7 days ahead, the system will enable the suspension at that deadline if the conditions above still apply.

Cancelling suspensions

Suspensions can be cancelled either manually or automatically by the system.

The system may cancel a suspension at any time when all payments are up to date. In particular, the system will cancel a suspension when a payment fulfills the amount due at the time.

Also, in some cases the client may pay the deposit almost in full, excluding wire transfer charges. Up to a limit of 100€ or 100$, the system will lift suspension as if the deposit had been paid.

On orders where there’s no invoicing or the invoicing has been archived, the system assumes that invoicing information is missing so it’ll refrain from updating the suspension on these. In other words, the system won’t cancel suspensions on orders without invoicing or invoicing archived.