We have internal naming and client-side naming. Our internal name is more strict and should be homogeneous across all orders.

For example, we should never use Theatre as an object name, because Theater has been chosen as the default for our internal convention.

This internal convention is useful to have consistent names for our CAD files.

On the other hand, the client convention may vary depending on the location of the client property. For example, the Cabaret gets renamed to Crescent Rounds if the property is in the US.

The system takes care of the renaming, it’ll apply the rules described in naming localization.

Object set up

The objects have two fields for identification: Name & Detail.

Name should be one of the following:

  • Banquet
  • Boardroom
  • Cabaret
  • Classroom
  • Reception
  • Theater
  • U-Shape

The system will offer auto-completion to encourage the usage of one of these. However, if the object is something more specific you can use a custom name such as Exhibition Set for example.

Detail is an optional field that can be set to distinguish similar objects. For example, the same order may have Rounds of 8 & Rounds of 10 so we should set two objects:

  • First object:
    • Name: Banquet
    • Detail: 8
  • Second object:
    • Name: Banquet
    • Detail: 10

You could also use the Detail field to clarify the color of the object, or any other attribute.